Top Treatments For Hemorrhoids

Top Treatments For Hemorrhoids

Best Hemorrhoid Treatments

Hemorrhoid TreatmentsMillions of people are affected by painful hemorrhoids that at some point will need more treatment than home remedies can give. Hemorrhoids can be irritated by straining to have a bowel movement in the event of constipation or hard stools caused by a diet too low in fiber. In the case of mild hemorrhoids, changing the diet to include more fiber, lots of fruits and vegetables and plenty of water can do a lot to relieve the pain and itching caused by the hemorrhoids. Diet alone will not eliminate them though, that can only be done with surgical hemorrhoid removal or clinical procedure performed by a doctor.

If hemorrhoids get to a point where they are too uncomfortable to live with and home remedies are no longer effective, it is time to visit your doctor to have them removed. There are several different procedures that are effective at removing hemorrhoids and which one is right will be determined by their size and severity. Several procedures that cut off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid can be performed so that when it is deprived of blood, it will shrivel up and fall off, similar to what happens to a clamped umbilical cord in a newborn infant. Occasionally large internal hemorrhoids can require surgery to be removed.

Once hemorrhoids are removed, it is important that lifestyle changes are undertaken to prevent the recurrence of them. Along with improving the diet to make bowel movements softer and easier to have. Exercise is recommended to maintain good muscle tone, prevent constipation and keep weight at a desirable level. Bowel movements should be made as soon as the urge is felt and never held in for a long time. This can cause undue stress on the blood vessels of the rectum leading to new hemorrhoids.

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