Sitz Bath Benefits

Sitz Bath Benefits

What is a Sitz Bath?

The word “sitz” comes from the German word “sitzen”, which means “to sit.” A sitz bath is a type of at-home treatment that can bring relief for a variety of anal discomfort, including hemorrhoids. It is a way of cleansing the area around the anus and genitals by sitting in warm water that can help to relieve soreness, burning, and inflammation.

Why are Sitz Baths Used?

Your doctor may recommend a sitz bath if you have hemorrhoids, an anal fissure or have recently had a baby. A sitz bath can be prepared in your bathtub, or you can purchase a small plastic basin that fits over a toilet seat.

When Should I use a Sitz Bath?

For mild cases of hemorrhoids, soaking in water at a mild temperature can help speed up the healing process. Although it won’t cure your hemorrhoid condition, it will soothe the irritated tissue and provide temporarily relief.

When Should I See a Doctor?

Generally, if your hemorrhoid symptoms have not resolved within one week, it is best to see a doctor

If you have been suffering from hemorrhoids for more than one week, call the hemorrhoid specialists today at Avalon Hemorrhoid at (626) 310-0771 for a consultation.






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