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I had my procedure done the day before I was traveling to Mexico and was rightfully concerned about my recovery. Dr. Alexander and his staff reassured me everything would be fine and that i was good to travel (with obvious precautions of course). I was able to travel and had absolutely NO PAIN whatsoever for the entirety of my recovery. I was 100% back to normal in less than 10 days and my results were perfect. I highly recommend Dr. Alexander and his staff both for amazing and caring service and top notch skill.

– Marcelo C.

I met Dr Alexander to discuss an issue that I had and he took the time to explain what was occurring and why. He explained very clearly my options and I went ahead and scheduled the surgery needed. The assistant was very informative and explained the costs, my insurance coverage, etc. A few days later my surgery was complete I had a follow up 2 weeks later and things were good. I am so much more comfortable now and I thank Doctor Alexander fo his compassion and professionalism. I would recommend the doctor to anyone needing to see a proctologist.

– Martin E.

I had a perforated bowel and had emergency surgery with Dr Alexander as my surgeon. This is a life threatening condition and Dr. Alexander literally saved my life. I was back at work after a week and fully recovered within a month. I have a second surgery of a partial colectomy coming up and I would not let anyone but Dr. Alexander perform my surgery.

– Damon G.

Kayla got me right in and Dr Alexander saw me right away when others offered appointments weeks down the road. He made the diagnosis right away then gave me three options for treatment. I chose the least invasive procedure offered, which was a quick in and out minor operation. As promised recovery was within 72 hours. This doctor is easy going, funny, and no nonsense. He uses a lot of analogies to make you understand your current problem and what he proposes to do about it. Thank you Dr A.

– Samantha S.

The doctor has excellent bed side manner and the office staff is super-friendly. I had a problem with another doctor not listening to my concerns about not losing weight. I came here to Dr. Mutafyan and he fixed it.

– Simon P.

My experience with Dr. Alexander from beginning to end was fantastic. He was caring, thoughtful, truthful, and you just felt at ease with him. He never seemed rush and would answer all my questions. I am so grateful to him and how he has changed my life.

– Mark A.

Dr Mutafyan is different from many doctors he truly cares about all his patients from the minute you meet him, he is kind and has a genuine heart and very humble person. If you go see Dr Mutafyan the search is over cause I can promise you, you won’t go anywhere else! And his staff is amazing!! Very sweet and always on top of everything and if their is something they cant help you with right away then Dr Mutafyan is always available 🙂

– Lilly H.

Dr Mutafyan is an amazing doctor and surgeon.Completely satisfied with everything from his staff,the wait period,and his genuine care and concern for his patients.I had my gahlbladder removed and received amazing post and pre operative care.

– Mandy E.

Saw Dr Alexander regarding an issue that had been bothering me and giving me much pain for months. He did a fantastic job repairing it and had me back on my feet within a few days after surgery. He’s an excellent surgeon. Additionally, his office staff was very patient and compassionate with me, answering a myriad of questions I had. They made me feel calm and confident about the procedure. So thank you to Kayla as well.

– Alex K.

I have to say I could not have been more pleased by him and his staff. From the moment you get there they just make you feel so welcomed and comfortable. I would definitely recommend him! I’m actually super bummed I didn’t go to him sooner. I was just scared and didn’t know what to expect and I’m telling you I have never felt more comfortable with a doctor. I was telling him all my embarrassing issues and he reassured me that I’m not the only one, many people have the same thing! Phew!

I had an in office procedure today and was in an out in under 30 min. During which we were chatting and having a good ole time during the whole thing… I almost forgot what I was having done….almost, 😉

– Allena S.

Best colorectal surgeon, extremely knowledgeable, and a great clinican and highly recommended to anyone without any reservation.

– Zune L.

There are certain medical conditions that are associated with embarrassment and tabu, but in the big scheme of things when your quality of life is not optimal … And the discomfort is unbearable … As mine was … I am so glad I went through with my surgical procedure with Dr. Akopian. As an educator, my schedule has very little wiggle room and I’m at the mercy of my limited sick days per calendar year. My experience with Dr. Akopian and his staff was great. Everyone in the office was positive and helpful from day one.

I had my surgery 4 months ago, and I’m so happy to face the next work day; make plans with friends, family and I look forward to weekend events and vacations.

Any type of surgery can be scary, but when you have an amazing doctor there is nothing to worry about. I had that amazing doctor. I was very fortunate, because I was miserable for a long time. Of course, every case is different but certainly, a consultation will help you decide. Dr. Akopian’s surgical skills and bedside manner (both pre-op and postoperative ) were above and beyond what I had expected. I feel great and I am very thankful to be in the hands of such a caring doctor and staff.

– Wally R.

My experience with Dr. Akopian was just right! He’s knowledgeable, competent, professional and reassuring. For such sensitive and potentially embarrassing conditions that one would visit such a doctor for, Dr. Akopian’s bedside manner is perfect — both matter-of-fact and reassuring, normalizing something that many would be reluctant to talk about. I’m very grateful for being referred to Dr. Akopian.

– Verified Patient


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Patient Reviews – Hemorrhoid Doctor Pasadena and Glendale* April 19, 2017

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