HET Therapy Highly Effective for Hemorrhoid Relief

HET Therapy Highly Effective for Hemorrhoid Relief

HET Bipolar System Benefits & FDA Approval

Currently, minimally invasive technologies for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids have a number of drawbacks, including a high rate of recurrence and a need for repeat procedures, frequent post-procedural pain or significant discomfort, intra-operative pain and are technically demanding. The HET Bipolar System (Medtronic), on the other hand, offers gentle, simple and effective treatment of Grade 1 and 2 hemorrhoids in a single procedure. The HET Bipolar System was approved by the FDA in 2012 based on efficacy and safety data from clinical studies.

HET Assessment Results

A recent assessment of nearly 200 HET procedures concluded that the procedure resolves symptoms in most or all patients with Grade 1 or Grade 2 hemorrhoids.

The assessment reviewed the experience of 107 men and women, roughly two-thirds of whom had Grade 1 hemorrhoid lesions and were treated with the HET procedure. They were later interviewed by telephone about their experience, and based on their responses the study concluded that the pre-procedural symptoms improved or completely resolved in 83% of patients. The symptoms included bleeding in 77%, burning or itching in 58%, pain in 40% and rectal tissue prolapse in 28%. Ninety percent reported that they were satisfied with the treatment.

Although immediately after treatment 20% of patients reported bleeding and 6% reported pain, all complaints resolved within five days. After a median of 10 months of follow-up, 21% had recurrences of mild symptoms. Several of these patients underwent re-treatment, and all achieved restoration of symptom control.

If you think you may be suffering from Grade 1 or Grade 2 hemorrhoids, contact Avalon Hemorrhoid today to learn more about the HET procedure.


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